Attending Authors


Allen, Kristine

Alvarez, Sandy (w/ Crystal Daniels)

Atlas, Lilly

Begley, Jamie

Black, Scarlett

Bosco, Janine Infante

Brooks, Teagan

Cecil, Amy

Craze, Chelle C.

Czermak, Golden

Danann, Victoria

Daniels, Crystal (w/ Sandy Alvarez)

Dugger, Kristine

Finn, Thia

Gene, Letha

James, Nicole

Kelly, Kathryn C.

Kyle, Kayce

Lake, Rae B.

Mazzola, Kristen Hope

Michaelson, Shay

Parker, Liberty

Prince, DD

Stone, Harley

Tallman, Darlene

Wilder, L.

This get together has been designed with focus on READERS. We’re giving them lots of reasons to want to attend while keeping this incredible weekend both affordable and fun for you, too. If you want to be part of the Queens of MC inaugural event, contact Kelly at and ask for an author packet.

We look forward to seeing your name on the roster.

the QOMC NOLA Organizers